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  • Every Pet should arrive on a leash or in a carrier for easy exchange between owner and staff.

  • Payment can be arranged by e-transfer or through our contactless virtual terminal by providing your credit card information over the phone. Payment on-site through credit/debit only. 

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Available in Nanaimo, Nail trims by appointment only, no unscheduled drop-ins, please.

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Play Skool

Available for all approved regular Play Skool dogs. Assessments for new dogs available by appointment. Drop off times MUST BE BOOKED online or by calling the office. To avoid congestion, we stagger arrivals.

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Raw Food Store

Please order online and you will be contacted for payment via e-transfer to or credit card over the phone and can schedule pick up by appointment Monday through Friday. No returns will be accepted.

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Play Skool

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Raw Food Store

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What People Say

WOW !  Thank you for the notes, audio file and ALL the information.  I have glanced thru all of it and feel like I have a years worth of training ahead of me !!!   

However, I am also VERY excited to get started, as all of this information is AMAZING !  Such clear instructions and explanations and absolutely what I need to feel confident I am working with them correctly !  It all makes perfect sense to me (on paper) and I could not be more grateful !! I am so excited !!  (I may even be able to train my husband with all this info !! YAY !)

Truly, I cannot thank you enough -  even for this much so far !! It has been a very frustrating and difficult journey adding Teddie to our household, with many people suggesting we re-home him. This is not an option we would ever consider, but you have truly given me new hope that we can have the 2 dog household we envisioned !! 


SOOOOO glad I found you !! And I look forward to training these little fluffers with your guidance. ​THANK YOU !!! 


Teddy, Griffin & Diane

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for grooming our cat two weeks ago … although I didn't get to speak with the specific groomer afterwards, once we got our kitty home … he was hilarious to watch … he loved his new hair cut!!! … he wiggled and squirmed and showed off his newly clipped belly non stop for about a week! I am so grateful to have found your services! We look forward to coming again soon!

Honour & Diane

We are experiencing great success. Today i was able to change the cage bottoms with Shadow watching at the barrier with no reaction. He, also, had a real test when we went to a bird hotel. There were four birds, macaws and Amazons, he was curious but behaved well given the level of excitement. 


Thanks so much!

Shadow & Anneke

Grooming and Play Skool

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