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Making your dog your best friend!


You and your best friend gain access to:

  • An understanding of force-free and pain-free positive reinforcement training.

  • Concept training through games with your dog.

  • Skills needed to develop a thinking dog.

  • Extremely effective training skills.

  • Practical manners for everyday life.

  • Online reference materials for our classes.

  • Certified trainers.

  • Group classes and private lessons.

  • Private behaviour consultations.

  • Agility, Disc, Obedience, Conformation and more!

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Classes run in 8 week sets, 4 weeks on, then 1 off, then 4 more weeks.



This is a fun sport that allows dogs to navigate all sorts of equipment.  A-frame, dog walk, teeter totter, jumps, hoops, tunnels, tire, box, barrels, and chute.  Get that dog off the couch and put some zip into your life! We offer classes from Beginner to Competition.

Obedience & Good Manners

DAWG is offering Obedience/Good Manners classes for dogs of all ages. Learning good manners and the basics of a solid human-Canine relationship, built on positive reinforcement. We offer several levels of training to help you build the best relationship and behaviour skills in any environment.  This program also help dogs working towards their canine Good Neighbour certificate


Scent Detection Sport

Use your dogs best feature, the nose, to play and learn this fun sport.  Teach your dog to find specific scented items in different contexts.  Prepare for scentwork trials, or just have a good time with your dog. 

Scentwork is a mental game that allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to follow their nose!  You won't believe how much fun it is, and how tired your dog will be!


Urban Agility

Walking your dog can be even more fun if you have cool things to do with your four legged friend! in this class you will learn to see opportunities in everyday life to play agility  games, using “equipment”  such as curbs, benches, stairs, walls, bicycle racks, garbage cans, trees  and many other items  and have a better connection with your dog through play!


Pre requisite: a dog that is safe around people and other dogs, can function in a  busy park like setting,  understands the basics such as sit, down, stay and understands the value of a reward system using toys, or treats together with praise!

Rally Obedience

Rally is a fun and interactive activity/sport, where dog and handler enjoy going through the various stations to complete an ever changing layout of fun training exercises, that can be useful in everyday life or can be used to get ready for competition. 


I See U (ICU)

Dogs with reactivity issues, distraction issues, mild to medium stress issues, fear issues towards other dogs or people will all greatly benefit from these highly successful positive reward-based exercises.


This special interest class is limited to dogs and handlers that have problems staying connected to one another while out on a walk or during training exercises.


In order to be eligible for this class a brief assessment and evaluation of the dogs issues must be arranged beforehand.


Canine Musical Freestyle Classes

Canine musical freestyle, also known as musical freestyle, freestyle dance, and canine freestyle, is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners. The sport has developed into competition forms in several countries around the world.


Disc Dog Training

Disc dog is a sport that has been highly popular throughout the US and eastern Canada.  A highly engaging sport for dogs that love to run and play.  Classes are available for beginner and advanced disk dogs!  Come flip, fly, run, and catch!


Movie Trick Training

This class teaches you how to teach your dog a wide variety of tricks.  Behaviours are pulled from obedience, freestyle, service dog work, scent work, and movie tricks!  Be the star of your own show with trick training!


DAWG Amazing Recall

Does your dog come when called?  Here is the perfect way to train a totally reliable recall.  Help to ensure your dog comes every time!  Positive reinforcement to create a flawless response from your dog!


Does your dog love to swim?  How about playing with toys or retrieving?  This is a great sport for you to play and have a splashing good time with your dog!  Three different disciplines in this sport focus on height, distance and speed.



Dock Dogs

Treiball also known as pushball is a great sport for dogs that have herding instinct, or any dog that wants to learn! 


Treibball or Pushball

Real life class is aimed at dogs with basic skills already in place from either the ICU program or the good manners program.  This continuing class helps your dog learn to transition skills from in the home and class environment out into the real world.  Your dog will expand on it's skills to help it be a great dog everywhere you go!

Real Life Training
Conformation and Handling

This class is geared towards building a better understanding of what it takes to show your dog to its fullest potential.  From handling to conditioning, to grooming and presentation.  Learn how to stack, gait and deal with show ring challenges.  There will be weekly assignments geared towards advancing your skills no matter what level of training you and your dog have already achieved.  Submit videos for evaluation (they are short aprox 30 second clips of your training) to help you get more feedback and information on what you are working at home.

Private Lessons

Private lessons in any of the above subjects and many other sports and disciplines are available, don't hesitate to ask!


Nanaimo Pet Services  offers Dog Behaviour Modification training where we will work one-on-one with you and your dog to improve your relationship  and your dog's overall behaviour. We have extensive experience in training dogs and people in a positive and humane manner and helping to create a better bond. Contact us to set up your free 15 minute evaluation.


Behaviour Consultation
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