Playskool is open in our Nanaimo Location Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm (by appointment)

Supporting your best friend’s training and development!


Your best friend gets to:

  • Play with playmates matched for personality, size & playstyle.

  • Learn how to play appropriately & take breaks.

  • Train foundation manners and fun tricks with our certified trainers.

  • Have rest times throughout the day.

  • Play inside and out.

  • Meet new friends.

  • Build confidence and social skills.

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Nanaimo Pet Services DAWG Play Skool.


This very unique concept incorporates play between dogs and humans with learning and relaxation. This program is fully structured, with education being an intricate part! Our goal is to provide safe and structured play environment and stimulate your dogs enthusiasm to learn and add to their current skills. We strive to assist you in making your dog be the best dog they can be : a mentally and physically sound and fit dog. A dog that will happily play with any other dog, but also understand the need for calmness and consideration around dogs that are shy or older and around people.


We do NOT prescribe to a Free For All or Open Concept where dogs are taken in all day , where there is limited or no down time or resting place options. Often the stimulation can be overwhelming to dogs. This can result in possible bullying and pestering by the top dogs, which in turn can lead to submissive or scared stressed behaviour by the softer dogs. This can eventually lead to problems such as uncontrolled jumping up on dogs and people, or more serious: reactivity issues.


We offer "Fully Supervised" play time with other dogs,Interactive play time with people,Scheduled dog and age appropriate physical exercise, Learning time intervals using the most up to date positive science based learning methods and relaxation times to balance the mind and body. Options for assistance with weight management program are avaiable also. The Schedule will allow for average 30-45 minutes of play/learning time, with 30-45 minutes of rest followed by another round of play/learning etc throughout your dogs stay. Rotation also allows for us to select groupings of dogs best suited to each other in energy and interactions.


This program ensures your dog is not over tired and cranky or over stimulated when going home. Basically we offer the perfect mix of structure and a homey environment where dogs are surrounded by friends and good care.


Pre-arranged drop off and pick up times will permit us to give your dogs the ultimate in care. If space allows, day-off appointments may be possible (your dog must have been pre-approved).


Your dog will want to tell you all about his day!