DAWG Academy Training Mandate

DAWG’s mandate is to provide:


Top Quality Positive Agility, Obedience and Good Manners Training


We offer: Puppy training  to championship competition level and every step in between  in a fun and stress-free way for both handlers and dogs. 

Whether you would like to compete at the highest level in Agility, Rally or Obedience or just play and learn  with your dog in a private, small group  or recreational setting, we can accommodate your needs and desires.


In addition to group and private agility training  we offer group and private classes for Canine Good Manners, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Rally Obedience  as well as   Canine Behaviour Consultation, using  positive and creative methods to educate you and your canine friend.


We stay up to date on the latest positive training techniques and attend seminars with leading national and international renowned seminar and workshop presenters.


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