Play Skool Assessment

To set your dog up for a Play Skool assessment, 

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Drop off and Pick up

  • We have set up a Separating Safety Channel outside the facility. You will enter the channel on one side,  after talking to the staff member about your requirements, we will secure your pet inside our facility and you can leave close the gate behind you.

  • We sincerely appreciate your precautionary measures. Wearing gloves and facemask is strongly encouraged. 

  • All collars or harnesses /leashes worn by your pet may be washed upon arrival.

  • We are staggering intake and pick up to ensure no line up outside. Please respect other people’s safety margin of 8 feet or more. For grooming: You will receive a call when your pet is ready to go home.  For Play Skool we will set a dedicated pick-up time at drop off. Please contact us if you can not make your pick up time.

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  • Payment must be arranged before the pet leaves, by e transfer or payment terminal.  Cash transaction should be exact as we do not have a cash till at this time.

  • Sanitizing  the entrance area will take place regularly. 

  • Please wait outside of the holding area, until directed to enter. Staff will be wearing PPE ( gloves, mask or goggles).

  • All pets should arrive on leash or secured in a carrier. 

Stay safe, be well!

Grooming and Play Skool

Online Booking