Arrival times are scheduled between 7 am and 10.00 am, and between 12 noon and 2pm .


Pick up times are between 12 noon and 2 pm, and between 4 pm and 6 pm.


Dogs are welcome for half day or full day DAWG Play Skool care.

Dogs that stay beyond 5pm will be resting between 5.15 pm and their pick up time. The groups are carefully monitored and assisted / instructed by our expert staff members.


Dogs will be assessed for suitability into the program on a case by case basis. 

Once approved, you will have access to our on line booking system or you can call or email us for an appointment.


Note: please click here to find out how to proceed to get registered to book on-line



Dogs of all ages are welcome, puppies do require their first set of vaccines.

Neutered Male dogs preferred. Depending on behaviour, intact males may be allowed.

Females NOT in season or pregnant will be eligible to attend.

Nanaimo has breed a specific legislation and we are bound to the bylaws, DAWG Play Skool will accept dogs of the designated breeds provided they are CGN ( Canine Good Neigbour) certified which exempts them from the muzzle bylaws.


Your dogs Good health is important to us.

Proof of previous vaccination for Distemper, Rabies and Parvo or titer results are required ( maximum 3 years old). A current (not older then 6 months) certificate of health through your veterinarian will be accepted in lieu of vaccine certification. We require your dog to be free of fleas or other parasites and up to date with a flea/ tick preventative program .


Mid day meals and medications supplied by you will be given to your dog during rest times. If your dog has allergies, please provide us with his own treats and detailed instructions.


Weight loss program for dogs that are overweight or weight challenged. DAWG Play Skool care will gladly provide a tailored food management service for you, and take care of all your dog’s food needs for the day. That will prevent overfeeding or overeating and with the exercises we will provide, your dog will become healthier faster!


We use toys , treats and interactive play. Dogs must be able to display appropriate impulse control and be non possessive.


Program Suitability Screening takes place regularly, please contact us to schedule and appointment.



  • half day : $25.00 this can be 2 hours to max of 5 hours, any stay over 5 hours will be billed full day fee.

  • Full day fee: $40.00 this can be 5 hours to 9 hours.

  • 10 Pack deals, pay for 9 get the 10th free!

A one time Complimentary 1 - 2 hour try out session is offered as part of our suitability screening process provided your dog's initial interaction deems them to be a good fit for playskool.



  • Our indoor areas are fully heated in winter and well ventilated in summer, with cushioning rubber non slip flooring and lots of natural daylight. 

  • Our outside play areas are fully and securely fenced, the flooring consists of clean non slip surface . There is an additional Grass field available with dog safe play structures and tunnels.

  • We have separate areas for small or older dogs and for large or energetic dogs, and numbers will be limited to facilitate proper care and attention to each individual dog. 

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